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App that increases your General Knowledge

                                                                                                                                                   What is the best way to increase general knowledge?
Before starting the topic, we have to understand the term “General Knowledge”.General knowledge is the information related to different subjects that we get from videos, books, or newspapers, etc. This information may or may not be part of our academic studies. It includes multiple knowledge areas like English, Geography, History, Sports, Politics, Technology, Religions, Films, Science, culture and medicine. These knowledge areas cover almost every aspect of human life.
Here is the question arise that “Are the videos enough to increase knowledge?”
The answer to this question in simple words is “NO”. There are a lot of reasons. A few of them will be discussed here.
1. A single video cannot cover all knowledge areas.
2. You cannot practice the questions over again and again.
3. You cannot check your IQ level without giving a test.

Importance of General Knowledge
General Knowledge helps us to grow more confident and never let us down during some important events like job interviews and competitive exams. In this unpredictable world, we have to be more vigilant and aware of what’s going on around us. If a person who is well aware of the current affairs of the world is called an intellectual.
We cannot gain general knowledge overnight. We have to pass through a long and steady process. It can be possible through regular contact with ongoing affairs of the world. You should focus on reading newspapers, watching informative channels on television and reading blogs daily.Watching videos on YouTube is not enough to intake knowledge. 
To covers all the fields of general knowledge you have to go through various sites and ways.


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 Ways to increase General Knowledge
Here, I am going to share an outstanding way to increase your knowledge simply and interestingly.
  1. Watch YouTube videos
  2. Read newspapers
  3. Visit knowledge sites
  4. Watch television news on regular basis 
  5. Use mobile applications related to General Knowledge.
“If you are determined to learn something new, you are not far away from that”. There are multiple ways to get it. The above ways will not only increase your general knowledge but also increase your confidence level in every aspect of life. You can discuss any current affair with anyone with more fortitude. 
“The more you learn the more you’ll be prominent among the people and the more you’ll be prefer”. So, it is the need of today to be alert, attentive and attain all kind of information regarding each topic of life. It will be really beneficial for you. You can get excellent results in  any interview or entry test if you have enough knowledge.     
We know it very well that, in this world, everyone will prefer a person who has a great sense of humor and knowledge. We cannot ignore this fact. So, here is a tip for you to stay updated with the current affairs by watching the news, books and also use a brilliant game like General Knowledge Quiz: A trivia game which will help you to test your IQ level and increase your knowledge.


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