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Plastc Card which holds all your credit , debit and gift cards in one card. It even sends you alerts and syncs to your smart phone.

Plastc card., you heard me correct its not plastic its plastc with missing 'i'. I am tired carrying a fat wallet with all my credit, debit and gift cards. This looks pretty good option tome.

This product seems to be a great innovative product for those (like me)  who have many credit, debit, etc. cards. You "load" them all on Pastc and you can make your transactions easy and with maximum safety. 

In words of Plastc management, "Plastc is dedicated to re-inventing the way you pay and re-imagining the traditional wallet. At Plastc, we think the unthinkable, tackle the impossible, and conquer the unachievable. We are a passionate team with extensive design, engineering, and financial experience using state-of-the-art materials and practises to create truly revolutionary products.  
Our approach is 100% consumer-focused. From the second you remove your Plastc Card from the packaging, we provide the easiest, fastest, and most secure payment experience on the market. When you pay with Plastc, you pay with confidence."

It has E-Ink display with touch screen. We just need to swipe on the card and choose the card you want to pay with. It even shows the your signature and photo id to salesman for verificiation. 

One down side of it is that you need to charge it not sure about the battery though. Apart from this it has many cool features with impressive display.

Have a look at this amazing video. Shed your comments.


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