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Vectrix superbike worth to know and view the pics

As many know Vectrix was a electric vehicle company with a research and development facilities which came up with a new concept design earlier. Its sad that this may not become a reality because Vectrix has filed for bankruptcy and final liquidation in March 2014. Apart from this, its really worth knowing about superbike concept vehicle which was displayed couple of years back in Milan Motor cycle show. Design wise it looks awesome and I am sure many bike lovers this design. Earlier the company had claimed that his bike can come up with a top speed of 200k/h. Only problem here seems to be being only electric bike which may run out of juice and cause issues. They should have combined both fuel and electricity in this design to make a hybrid superbike. What you guys say ? Isn't it a good thought ? Shed your comments.

Self powered camera which takes photos continously forever

Researchers at Columbia University have developed a camera which can continuously record one image per second forever.Its design is based on the pixels photodiode that can be used to measure the incident light level and convert the incident light into electrical energy. Its sensor is designed in a very smart way so that it uses the first captured pixels to record and read out the image and then used to harvest energy and charge the sensor's power supply. With this technology in hand, we can expect more surveillance cameras around to safe guard our premises with free of cost. These can also be used in areas where there is no power source to monitor the surroundings. Let me know your thoughts and how you will be using this camera if its available in the market. Will you buy one ?

Ten Facts about Public Wi-Fi that You Need to Know

You go inside the cafĂ©, order your drink, and take a seat. Almost immediately, you take out your smartphone and search for available Wi-Fi connections—and there is one, great! You quickly click on the network, maybe type in the coffee-shop security password if it isn’t an open network, and wait impatiently for it to load up so you can get some work done or answer your email or chat with friends, whatever. So many of us are in the habit of doing this or something similar, but there are dangers to connecting to public Wi-Fi whenever we can. I’m not just talking about the problems of always being plugged in—lack of communication or things like that. Instead, your personal information can be at risk as well. Here are ten things you should know about public Wi-Fi: 1. They’re watching you. I don’t want to sound like a horror movie or a bad conspiracy theory, but it’s true:  your network usage is being tracked. Companies like Facebook use any information about you that they can fi

Six Slick Analytics Tools Your Business Needs to Consider This Year

Analytics is the process of using data from one or multiple sources to craft future decision making. Analytics is one of the ways that companies plan for the future and map out strategies for sales and advertising. Without it, it’s doubtful any company would be able to take advantage of their true potential. Below is a list of six great analytics tools you should consider implementing in your own business and how to make sure each strategy you come up with will work. Google Analytics The most popular analytics tool used by companies online and off, is easily Google Analytics. This tool is a must have for businesses with an online presence. It can help you track your website’s performance through measures such as overall traffic, conversion rates, and bounce rates. It can show exactly which online marketing tactics are successful and which are not. It can be great for small businesses just starting to make a presence in the online world to see where they can grow. HootSuite

Top 3D Games for Your Android Devices

We dug more deeply from the Google play to offer the very best and quite a few habit forming actions, problem, arcade, technique Android games. Dragon Hockey: Age of Air and Fire This particular is amongst the most engaging games via Critter Map Software   LLC, the actual dragons glide via air or across gemstone, dealing with for your puck from the frequent online game involving air dance shoes. These dragons are certainly not dogs and cats, are certainly not competed in any dragon school to be able to enjoy dragon basketball and you will not form any dragon town in a very dragon planet. Your dragons as an alternative, can fight the other person in a very quickly as well as enjoyable online game. These people struggle to use a dance shoes area from the air, cave, or dungeon. The main one player is from the AI dragon challenger plus the two participants is next to a person nearby who would like to beta the dragon on your cell phone or tablet. Angry Birds Go! Angry B