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The Latest in Prosthesis Technology and What's Changing

We are living in exciting times. Although no one wants to think about losing a limb because of an accident or disease, today's patients have more options than ever when it comes to prosthesis. Technology has given us some wonderful advancements, including new technology in the following areas.

Innovative Materials
Wearing a prosthetic device used to be extremely uncomfortable, and there is certainly an adjustment period when anyone is using a new prosthesis. However, today's devices are made of materials that can increase both comfort and usability. According to
Noyes Knee Institutes, a knee surgery clinic in Ohio, carbon fiber is now used to fill a foot prosthesis. This material mimics the materials inside a human foot, so it makes the wearing experience more life-like for the user. Titanium is often used to create limbs that are very durable, even under heavy usage for athletes using prosthesis.

Improved Technology
When you think of technological advances, you likely picture the latest features on your tablet or smart phone. These advances are great, but today's newest technologies are also being used in prosthesis.
You might be surprised to find that Bluetooth technology is no longer just for phones or music devices. Instead, it has actually been built into prosthetic legs, arms and more. The Bluetooth technology allows each leg to communicate with the other, so the wearer can enjoy a more natural stride. In addition, improved technology makes it easier to update the software as the patient continues to heal or his specific needs or goals change.

Muscle Reinnervation
Thanks to Targeted Muscle Reinnervation, or TMR, some lucky patients around the globe are learning how to control their prosthetic devices just by using their minds. You might think that this sounds like something out of the latest science fiction movie, but over 30 people are already using TMR technology.
Ryan Blanck, who practices at the
Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics at Brooke Army Medical Center
, has pioneered this technology, and over half of TMR wearers around the world have been fitted by him.

Prosthesis technology continues to improve, so science will be there to assist those injured patients who need it the most. With these new technologies more and more people are able to live the lives they want and even go beyond with the added technology. We’ll be looking forward to what other inventions come out of this field. 


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