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Technology and Retirement: The Top 5 Ways Technology Helps the Elderly

With medical technology improving in leaps and bounds, the elderly are living longer with full lives even into their 90s. Technology enhances their lives in other ways by bringing loved ones closer on a daily basis. From immediate medical assistance to brain memory games, technology helps the elderly stay connected to the world.


Security Systems
Through Vivint home security and automation, elderly people can communicate with a security professional if they feel threatened. If your loved one hears a suspicious sound outside, they simply press the control panel to engage in two-way communication. Security professionals can send emergency or medical personnel to the site, if needed.

Doctors Play a Role
Doctor's visits can be numerous as you age, but some appointments are simply a well-being checkup. Through video chats, your doctor can contact elderly patients for basic appointments over the computer. Although physical checkups are still necessary, remote patient monitoring helps the doctor stay in touch more often for better care.

Why does that hurt ?
A tablet or smartphone offers several applications, or apps, that explain medical symptoms and procedures. If an elderly person has an ache or pain in a specific area, it is possible to get an idea about the problem's severity. A pain that seems benign may be a precursor to a more dangerous issue, including heart attacks.

Emergency Pendants
In the past, emergency bracelets had an engraved description of allergies or medical issues. With technology, these bracelets use QR, or quick response, scanning tools. A medical professional simply scans the code to pull up all of the patient's information, from current medical issues to past surgeries. Similar to having a bracelet there is also a pendant that is monitored by  Vivint security. This is pendant is pressed whenever seniors are placed in an emergency situation and will immediately send a signal to send the professionals.

The fun stuff
Elderly people that are isolated tend to have poor health. Contact with family and friends brightens their days. Social media, either through status updates or pictures, connects the elderly to everyday adventure on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Seeing a favorite granddaughter's spelling bee video to watching a funny animal video online keeps the mind refreshed and active.

Through stimulation and proper medical care, technology refines the later years with excitement and connections with others. Old high school friends and new grandchildren are just a click away in this advanced world.


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