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Why Windows 8 Boosts the Future of Cloud Computing

Windows 8 is the first operating system to fully-embrace cloud computing. In fact, every license holder gets SkyDrive, the Microsoft cloud storage system, along with the operating system. This means that users are no longer tied to one computer. You can access your cloud documents, images and even all of your settings from other computer terminals or devices. To date, Microsoft has sold more than 100 million Windows 8 licenses since its release in October, 2012, according to the "Seattle Times."

What's new about Windows 8 security?
Windows 8 offers some new security features that previous versions of the operating system didn't have, making it safer by far than Windows 7, according to an article by CNET, and more cloud-friendly. Included in the latest version of Windows are:
·         Windows Defender. With the introduction of Windows 8, there's basically no such thing as an unprotected Windows. This suite of tools runs in the background and alerts you to any suspicious and malicious activity. You can also use it to scan for Malware and correct any found issues. According to CNET, Windows Defender catches about 80 percent of attacks.

·         Phishing Filter. Also new with Windows 8 is a filter designed to isolate phishing scam emails. Windows Smart Screen also works hand-in-hand with Windows Defender to identify new malware and warn against unprotected apps.

·         New password and document protection. With cloud computing as an integral part of Windows 8, encouraging remote access, the system needs a way to beef up password and shared file security. Bit Locker, a new Windows 8 feature, is designed to address these issues. With Bit Locker, each document that you save on your computer is encrypted and thus can't be high-jacked during the cloud storage process.

Windows 8 and cloud computing
With the launch of Windows 8, not longer are users tied to just one computing device. In addition to SkyDrive, Windows 8 emphasizes cloud apps rather than programs that have to be downloaded, stored on the hard drive and can only be accessed by one computer. Windows 8 and its corresponding SkyDrive will also help users manage their computers files with less storage. Gone (or going) are the days when you needed more and more gigabytes of storage to be able to keep up with the latest games and apps. With Windows 8, all of those storage needs are handled by the cloud, paving the way for sleeker and more streamlined computers.
According to Tech Blog, Windows 8 is the first O/S to use cloud computing as it should be used. That combined with its touch screen capabilities and new security features, make it a package aligned with the future.


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