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There is nothing interesting or desirable about paperwork. Yet every day,  we are shuffling through papers and documenting every professional move we make. Chaotic and confusing, paperwork can dominate the life of a business owner. It is not until recently that moves have been made to avoid dealing with piles of papers and documents.

The iPad has been revolutionary in shifting the challenging burden of paperwork in an easy and efficient chore. For business owners in every kind of profession ranging - from trade to factory owners, the iPad has managed to relieve a lot of stress associated with paperwork, providing extra hours each day for more productive activities.


The standard price for an iPad is under $500.

An iPad weighs 1.5 pounds and has 10 hours battery life. It can be used both at home and for your business.

If a carpenter had a client, he would generally fill out a paper card which will go back to the office and get filed away. If that customer rings up a few months down the track claiming there is a problem with the job, he would have to go back to the office and find the job. Now, each customer and order can get stored in the iPad in individual folders ensuring organization and ease.

For a business owner doing physical labor every day, paperwork is the last thing he wants to do. Before the iPad, owners are in the office every night doing paperwork and heading back to the office two to three times a day to access work orders, emails, faxes and documents. With the iPad, owners have the luxury of transporting their office wherever they go.

Tradies can look up the layouts and plans of the projects they work on as well as looking up the specifications and communicating with contractors. If there are changes made to a bathroom layout or a wiring layout, you can access them straight away. It provides a substantially less stressful work environment.


Mail: This app comes standard with your iPad. This allows you to access every email to you at any point throughout the day.

LogMeIn: This app allows you to control your Mac or PC right from your iPad, giving you access to your home or work machine wherever you go.

Agenda Calendar: This outdoes the standard calendar app by syncing up with a host of online calendars and provides quick messaging from within the app.

Glassboard: An app providing an easy way to set up and take part in discussion groups between yourself and clients or coworkers.

Soulver: A calculator that allows you to save precious calculations, conduct running totals and much more.

Article by Sharon Freeman who writes about business and office management for companies such as  tradiepad


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