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Incredible Mobile Websites and Applications

Aside from the ability of giving us an easier way of communicating to each other with the use of our mobile devices it’s amazing features which also helps us in many ways to improve life as to affect us in every little ways. The main goal of the developers and sites is to give the readers and users the best interest in web designs, word press, graphic tutorial, coding, freebies, inspiration and more handpicked design for the community.

In order to attract your target market or your customers you must make sure that what you’re offering is simple to understand to every user from kids to senior levels.  Though you need to be very innovative and unique in challenging other newest technology which comes up but still the simpler the better, and down to basics is more advisable and to be user friendly.

Here are the 10 Clean and Creative Mobile Websites and Apps according to the

1-    iOS Music Player App –

This application is designed for the convenient of the music lovers. This app looks very pleasing on Iphones. When you will play your song, you will on the screen the album cover of that single. And it is also user-friendly with the easy drag volume and equalizer.

2-    Daelim Museum Mobile App –

This application is to give the users the access and to get information about the museum and exhibitions, learn about artists and works by listening audio guides, get stamps for a free ticket, and accomplish the missions for special gifts. The DaelimMuseum is located in the center of Seoul, DaelimContemporaryArt Museum.

3-    Here and How –

This is an app through which users can view and share a local information. The app allows users to communication with each other indirectly. The communication takes places via alerts and notices to facilitate each other regarding important local information such as traffic, places etc.

4-     My Student Finance –

It is designed for the Iphone and Ipad to help students keep track of their finances while studying at university. It will also help the students’ budget and keep track of spending whilst studying by providing reports on the information they put into the app.

5-     Mobile Apps and Website for Old Booth –

There is no specific details available on this app.

6-     British Museum web-app –

It is a solution to view their website from mobile devices. At the moment the BritishMuseum hasn’t got any mobile optimized view for their website. They reduce the information displayed to cover a set of key tasks and information to make it easier for the user to navigate from a mobile device.

7-    TBJ iPhone App –

The basketball Jones iPhone App which is a design proposal based on the original branding I had dome for the TBJ guys.

8-    Twidy –

It is a combination of ‘Twitter’ and ‘Today’. It is an attempt to bring together two primary concerns of the mobile industry: productivity and the social broadcast model.


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