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Essential Tips to reduce blog bounce rate

You may have traffic, but if you are not converting customers into your site, then   your blog is not efficient. By having visitors who just visit your site for a few seconds, it will mean that your blog has a high bounce rate which is not a good thing, the essence of a blog is a place where a reader can find topical issues and other necessary beneficial articles that will keep him either occupied of entertained. Below I shall explain to you different   ways you can use to lower the bounce rate. Target Audience : you should target wisely only those clients who are relevant to you. There are ways this can be done, but the simplest way this is achievable is by being specialized, and having specialized contents that could only appeal to that section of readers if its a blog to do with accountants, then you have information relevant to the CPA program and how the profession doing? Layout & Design : themes have an effect on the bounce rate of blogs. The design should be well

How has Computer Aided Drafting Revolutionized the Engineering Industry

The progress of the engineering industry from time immemorial can be broken down into three stages which are the : The physical stage- were designs and manufacturing were done manually by hand, which dates back to the eras far before Christ ·          The mechanical phase- designs and manufacturing processes were implemented with the use of machines or machine components and this dates back to civilization in Egypt as well as Rome ·          The Computer Age- were designs, manufacturing, drafting and the coupling of mechanical/engineering components could be done with the use of robots and computers, programmed with software applications that could accomplish highly advanced tasks. The computer age came early in the 19th century when engineers had started creating new equipments to help simplify all engineering tasks from structural to mechanical engineering and systems to electrical engineering. In all these engineering fields, a certain process was found to

Samsung Reportedly Developing a 5.9 inch Phablet - Rumor Round up

While the world is waiting with bated breath for a glimpse of the Galaxy S IV from Samsung, it seems the Korean Phone manufacturer has been busy working on another device too. So what are they working on? Is it a Smartphone? Is it a Tablet? No, it’s a ‘phablet’! If you are inclined to believe in the rumors, that is. For the company is not telling us anything. Let’s see what this new device is. According some industry analysts, it will be the latest iteration of the Galaxy Note, the Note 3, though others beg to differ. It is likely to have a screen 5.9 inches in size, though again there are some who claim that it will sport a 6.3 inch screen. Of course, that does not seem very likely, and most agree that the new device will be a 5.9 incher. It will also be a progressive increase in size for the Note series which started at 5.3 inches and went on to become 5.5 inches for the Note 2. Therefore, 5.9 inches for the Note 3 is very plausible. The word is

Incredible Mobile Websites and Applications

Aside from the ability of giving us an easier way of communicating to each other with the use of our mobile devices it’s amazing features which also helps us in many ways to improve life as to affect us in every little ways. The main goal of the developers and sites is to give the readers and users the best interest in web designs, word press, graphic tutorial, coding, freebies, inspiration and more handpicked design for the community. In order to attract your target market or your customers you must make sure that what you’re offering is simple to understand to every user from kids to senior levels.  Though you need to be very innovative and unique in challenging other newest technology which comes up but still the simpler the better, and down to basics is more advisable and to be user friendly. Here are the 10 Clean and Creative Mobile Websites and Apps according to the 1-     iOS Music Player App – This application is designed for t

Popular iPhone 5 Apps for 2013

People using the iPhone 5 will surely enjoy the plethora of apps that may come their way in 2013. Users can take advantage with the various applications from photo editing software to lifestyle bits. These apps will make your handset an ideal one-stop media machine. However, before getting the apps it is important to know and familiarize the iPhone 5 features and specifications. Nevertheless, the apps offered in 2013 are surely beneficial to the users. Adrian James Boot Camp This is a great app for those people who want to beat the bulge. It is a set of simple workouts demonstrated through short videos designed by Adrian James himself. The workout is designed in toning the upper and lower body without spending money and time in using gym equipment in performing the exercises. Likewise, the user can also use the meal plan that can help with trimming your body. Stay This social app lets avid travelers in customizing travel guides. The good thing is that it also al

Top 5 iPhone Video Apps for Recording, Editing and Sharing Videos

iPhones though have a HD camera with 1080 pixels, which is well known for its high definition quality, that provides amazing results of the videos, but users sometime do feel that few more changes are required in the video as they want to edit it by adding an effect. This article will help the people who want to have fun with video applications, which can be downloaded and installed in the iPhone and top 5 iPhone video applications are given below through which any user can record, edit and share his videos with friends. A downloading link is also given with every application so the readers have no trouble to download desirable application. These applications can also be directly downloaded on the iPhone. iMajiCam Video Effects: This application is absolutely free and it provides immediate effects to the capturing videos. With this application, difference of result can be guessed easily between adding the effects after capturing and capturing a video with effects. This applica

How Can I Unblock YouTube Using A Free VPN?

What is a VPN? A VPN is a network of computers and servers connected via the internet.  The word “virtual” comes from the fact that the network isn't physically connected the way normal networks are. As stated, the computers are connected virtually over the internet.  The word “private” refers to the fact that communications transmitted over the network are encrypted and thus are hidden from computers not on the network. VPN's can help with accessing websites that are blocked or unable to be processed due to one reason or another. The websites are blocked by network administrators at our workplaces, schools, and even national governments in the case of a few websites. Hotspot Shield is a popular free VPN software that allows you to unblock YouTube at school or at your office. Why use a VPN? VPN is a great technological advance of recent times as it completely secures data being sent over the network through encryption.  Also, it assigns you a new IP address.  This

Taking Your Business Online Through Three Key Options

Making the decision to go online can be a frightening thing for many business owners who have spent years running a brick and mortar store. After all, the World Wide Web is quite a daunting place. It may be more than you think you can handle, but this does not have to be the case. In fact, each day you go without a web presence is another day you could be losing out on a vast potential customer pool. If you want your business to grow, then you need to take it online. There are many different ways to build your business through online tools, like marketing, selling your products online, and providing helpful business information. In order to make sure your business has the proper online presence without getting overwhelmed, all that you need to know is what three key options will matter the most. This will allow you to get started online without being overwhelmed. Here are the three key options you need to know: Key Option One: A Search Engine Friendly Site Your websi