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3M's Handheld Projector - True Fun to Hangout with

Pico has been producing projectors for nearly half a decade now but they haven't been able to make an impact that was expected. But geeks all around are really fond of it. They are fascinating all of us with gizmos but it's not obvious that everyone would like it.  The 3M Pico projector is the first of their lot that has a lot to offer. With its pocket sized structure, the look will surely disguise you a lot. Its brilliance at its best as it comes with integrated Roku Streaming Stick which means that there is a lot of wireless activity you can manage.  There is also a built in rechargeable battery which means no strings and wires attached to the device while in use. Netflix on the wall is really cool and imagine putting up a TV anywhere anytime you need it. Although like every device it has some faults too, specially the limited time battery life of about 1.5 hrs, brightness and a DVD like resolution. But it won't distract you from this high end cool gadget.

Flickr's iOS Update and How to Get Started with it

Yahoo owned Flickr, very recently launched its revamped iOS app. With the Flickr app, photo sharing possibilities are endless. It is believed that this app is giving Facebook owned Instagram, its competitor a tough run for its money. What worries many users is the fact that Instagram has made official its plans of introducing its new Terms of Service which will be effective form January 16 th 2013. This may or may not go down well with users. Many Instagram users are looking for alternative online photo sharing platforms. One of the best choices is the Flickr app. More information about Flicker app for iOS ·          App category: Image and video sharing ·          Latest update: December 19 th 2012 ·          Latest version: 2.01.772 ·          Size: 19.4 MB ·          Available in languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Spanish. ·          Cost: Available for free App requirements You can download

10 Unique Tips for Using Google+ for Marketing

Well, Google has become a major source of online services. This source is providing amazing options and features to the online users. For the progress and development there is a great role of Google. In fact, the Google online services are providing good chances to the online users to get maximum development and progress. With the help of new and modern Google approaches it is easier for the users to get the goals easily. Let Google to search materials for you: This is first tip that can be used for the excellent results. As you know the new and modern online features and facilities provided by the Google have gained good status in the society so it is necessary to give some time and attention to the Google+ to search the necessary materials and objects helpful for the marketing. Use Google+ as an operational base: Because of the amazing online searching facilities the Google+ has got the status of an operational base. It means that anything you want to do online