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Finding Apps you Love on Digg

About Digg Digg is regarded as one of the best social media websites that allows people to vote for or against web content; a majority of times content is in the form of news stories. In an era where information, communication and entertainment (ICE) are the major activities under which any kind of social activity falls, Digg is counted as one of the best social media websites. More information about this website Website type : Social news website Website name : Website Language : English A website that started off as an experiment among four of its collaborators is regarded as one of the best platforms that allows users to discover, share and recommend web content. Members of this social media are allowed to submit websites. Voting among members of Digg takes place. Members are allowed to vote for or against a page. Page up is considered as a voting for the particular website, it also goes by the name ‘Digg’. Voting against the website is called down o

A Brief Review of Google Nexus 10 Tablet

From the launch of previous version Nexus 7, Google prove that the Android is also competing in tablets, however also they defeat Apple iPad mini in sales from few months. They also took the time for Google Nexus 7 to get a grip within this industry. Now today, Google established their attractions also greater, straight into the 10 inches tablet exactly where Apple iPad exists.  Google Nexus ten is simply outstanding by having a Retina Display with 10 inches display screen and the resolution of 2560 x 1600. The entirely latest dual core (Exynos 5 chip set) processor, with Android Jellybean 4.2 Operating System. Nexus is the brand who promises to provide instant updates for its user. Samsung powered as well as Google published their brand with the brand name "Nexus" they recently launched their latest version with model number "10". So it’s simply a combination of today’s leaders. Its front looks and appearance are really very attractive. Home, Back and

5 Easy Tips for a Successful Video Conference

Video conferencing is becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate in business as an alternative to attending a traditional meeting. It can prove exceptionally effective when the required people are not able to get to the same place but a discussion, decision or deal is needed there and then. Meeting face-to-face online is an excellent substitute for in-person interactions, so to ensure you get the most out of it, it is important to familiarise yourself with the software prior to using it. With that in mind, here are five tips to ensure professionalism is maintained and your online meetings go well: 1.     Set up the software in advance .  Spending some time acquainting yourself with the system and all of the additional tools is essential. So make use of any free trials and helpful “how-to’s” to ensure that you are using the software to its’ full potential. Set everything up in advance, test the equipment and encourage everyone invited to the meeting to do the

Nexus7 vs. iPad mini: What makes different to each other

The variety of different high quality gadgets have become a ubiquitous part of our lifestyles. When there are two similar types of gadgets, conflict over dominance over the market is bound to rise. Google’s Nexus7 and iPad Mini of Apple are examples of two giants at loggerheads over their latest products. Both of them are extremely advanced and also expensive. A comparison of these tablets might yield some points that might make them different from each other. First of all, it is quite well known that Apple is not fond of any competition in the area of tablets. The normal iPad would not have drawn any comparisons but the size of iPad Mini makes it a contender of Nexus. One might as well say that Apple did the size thing deliberately to put some competition for the Nexus7. Now, let us look at some of the differences and similarities between these two gadgets. Price The first factor that comes to consumers’ minds when going for a new gadget is the price of the product. The

Sony Xperia TL Review

Attention folks! The Xperia TL is here! The latest from Sony, this phone encompasses a range of features designed to give users a fulfilling mobile experience. With a 1.5 GHz dual core S4 processor and enhanced camera clarity, the Xperia TL is full of functionalities and is designed to meet the pocket of even the average buyer.  In terms of quality and affordability, the Xperia TL is right up there with HTC’s One X and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 (may be a better deal than the latter!). With the handy device all set to make its presence on the big screen in James Bond starrer, Skyfall, there is actually something interesting for secret agents as well!                                   The Xperia TL kit contains: a microUSB cable, Quick Start manual, charger, and an exclusive Xperia SmartTag. Design Don’t be surprised if this smartphone isn’t familiar to you! It is nothing more than a rebranded Sony Xperia T – in AT&T’s lineup, to be more specific. The arched back outer c

2012’s best responsive WordPress themes

With millions of word press powered websites and blogs, programmers and developers are continually striving to bring to surface innovative and unique word press themes. The HTML5 and responsive themes are at the lead now days and users can expect to witness tons of responsive and HTML5 focused word press themes in the coming year. Top responsive themes for word press in year 2012 “Responsive” style was the 2012 theme for the WP themes. Responsive styled themes deliver to your audience single style themes that respond to tablet, phones, laptops, and desktops that access your blog or website. In year 2012, the main focus was on developing and launching responsive set of themes for word press. Following are the top responsive WP themes launched in year 2012 The flexible theme The flexible theme is to date the most desired responsive theme introduced in year 2012. Flexible theme developed by Elegant Themes is a beautifully designed theme that appears fresh to eyes and is a t

Android OR iOS: Which is the best ?

Usage of mobile phones has increased rapidly. Most widely used smart phones  contain Android and iOS softwares. Apples’ iOS was released in 2007 in the US market whereas Google’s’ Android was developed and released in the year 2005.  Both the software’s are supported by smart phones, tablets and ipad. IOS operating system is developed to run only on Apple devices whereas Android OS can customize and run on any device. This is the major advantage of Android over Apple iOS.   Comparison between iOS and Android: The basic concepts like the file system, interface, performance and software selection varies in both the platforms. There are a few applications which are not supported by each device like automatic Sync of social networking sites, Viber, VoIP application and spontaneous app update. These differ for both the platforms. The multiple email attachments are not supported by iOS whereas it is supported by android. IOS is Apple’s

Release date, expectations and features of iPad mini

IPad mini is the biggest controversy of this time in the technology world. Some said that the expected release date will be 17 th of October of 2012 but that did not come true and now the rumors are saying that the date has been postponed and shifted to 23 rd October. This is going to be a big date as many expectations are being associated with this small gadget. This small gadget is going to bring big changes in the year end in both the share market and competition of gadgets. IPad mini is likely to be shown first time in the Apple town hall auditorium, after this first show iPad mini will hit the market shelves in November. If this device of Apple will compete other devices of same kind, this will be a great achievement of Apple, as it is introducing a mini tablet after a long break as compared to other brands. Google Nexus has already hit the hearts of tech lovers and iPad mini will make its space depending on the features and price on which Apple will offer it to the gen

The best map app choices for the iPhone 5

The choice on the map app that a person will want depends on the type of navigation technique that the person will require. This therefore means that among all the apps that are available, one has to make sure that they determine which will be best according to the requirements. The different apps are characterized as ones to bring a new experience every time they are called upon to perform. The most common and effective map apps that can be used for the iPhone 5 are listed and detailed below. Bing 3.03 This map app is free on the web and serves as effectively as it can. Though basically a search engine, it can also be able to provide some solid and dependable maps which will guide someone to their destination with absolute ease. The Bing app is quite efficient and can be relied upon to provide the ultimate answers to any navigation question that a person may have. Garmin navigation app This app has a very easy functionality interface and makes it very easy for any

Let your Android Meliorate

A recently bought Android mobile phone usually doesn’t need the implementation of any of the tips to enhance its performance.   New mobile phones seem really cool and fast. You cannot deny the fact that Android mobile phones provide an astonishing amount of power, flexibility, and customization options for the users.    But after many days or rather months of its use, its performance starts to sag.  As we know, with authority comes ample of responsibility. If you do not act very proactively, certain widgets and applications can gobble the resources of the system. You can check out some of the quick steps that would help you to stay wakeful and vigilant against lagging performance. Kill background applications: Along with engaging and eating up memory, many applications continue to run in the background when not in used, and thus eat up and slows down the valued CPU cycles. The latest versions of Android applications allow easy application killing that is running behind

Architectural Design Technology

Latest 3D Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics Technology As 2013 draws near, all major CAD manufactures have outlined their plans for producing enhanced graphics interfaces, CAD workstations and 2D/3D modelling software to handle the ever changing demands of CAD users. Leading the raise in designing the latest CAD technology for architects, Engineers and graphics designers are the major CAD software companies which includes: Autodesk (the renowned producers of the AutoCAD series), Microstation, ArchiCAD, Hewlett Packard (the leading producers of CAD work stations) and even Google has joined the CAD community with its latest technology. What to Expect From 2013 Architectural Design Software AutoCAD2013:- Keeping with their 3 year development cycle, Autodesk released its 27th version of its AutoCAD design software to the public and as expected, Engineers and Architects have been gifted with a new user-interface which becomes apparent to the user right from the begi