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How to Increase the Safety of Your Smartphone Using Mobile Monitoring Apps?

More and more people use smartphones to store personal information. Email passwords, banking information and photographs are just some examples of the kind of personal and professional data that gets stored on a smartphone. Therefore, ensuring the safety of the device automatically becomes an overriding need if you are the owner of a smartphone. On the physical side of safety, simple things like keeping the device in sight at all times and being mindful of its whereabouts when traveling do go a long way in increasing the safety of the device. You can also use mobile monitoring apps like  Cell phonespy  to ensure the safety of your smartphone.

Tracking the cell phone

Mobile monitoring apps can be downloaded on the smartphone from their website, and once the installation is complete, the software will run in complete stealth mode. One of the biggest deliverable of such software is the GPS tracking feature. The phone will automatically record and transmit all the data pertaining to GPS locations. This information can be accessed through an online account that you create. In the event that the phone is lost or stolen, you can simply log on to the online account, and check on the activities and whereabouts of the phone.

Remote access

A mobile monitoring application will also enable you to shut down the phone by remote control. You can block the device by remote access once you have discovered its loss. An app like Mobile Spy gives you the ability to undertake Remote Wipe and Remote Lock. You can also erase all the details like calls history, browsing history, contacts and images. All this can be done by sending an silent SMS message to the phone., which means there is no alert of any kind on the phone.

Social media and internet usage

Leading mobile monitoring apps can be downloaded across most smartphone platforms, and they help in monitoring the internet usage done by the smartphone. This capability is very useful when the smartphone has been given to an employee by an organisation. With the mobile monitoring app, you can be sure that the employee is not using the smartphone to share company related or confidential information to outsiders. You can also ensure that your children are not putting their stored data in terms of images and videos on social media. In fact, mobile monitoring apps can also tell you the duration of time that a smartphone user is spending on each website.

SIM change notification                                                                                                 

Mobile monitoring software can alert the person if an unauthorised person tries to change the SIM card. This scenario may happen when the smartphone gets stolen, and the thief changes SIM cards. With a mobile monitoring application, you can continue to monitor the cell phone, and also get details of the new SIM card. This is a useful feature since the mobile monitoring software can function independent of the SIM card changes that take place. SIM changes thus get notified on your online account, and you can monitor and retrieve your smartphone.

Lucille J Cronk is a blogger who loves to write for mobile spy technology and other mobile monitoring apps. She has her own site dedicated to  Cell phonespy  technology. 


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