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Top 5 reasons why people unfollow you


Technological development has changed a lot of things in our lives. If several years ago we had to sit and write long and boring course or graduation papers, if we were to write everything with pen, now we can do that with “one eye monster” called computer. At first sight it seems that we have used computers for long years, but come and see that it has a history of a half century. At the beginning of the XX century the idea appeared then developed and became what we can’t live without. 

However the invention of computer was nothing compared with that of the Internet. It has even shorter history but has managed to become a part of our lives; we eat, speak, sing, and sleep before the computer and due to the Internet. So the revolution has played enormous role in the lifestyle of humanity. Now we don’t have to go fishing, shopping, walking, as everything is possible to do on the Internet. 

A number of games offer you everything: fishing, farming, agriculture, sort, culture etc. The flood of information is so large and difficult to choose that people sometimes become the victims of that huge network. With the good one always becomes bad. There are a number of cheaters, tricksters, who very often cause damage to people’s websites, for example hackers, or some of them just enjoy making people feel frustrated and depressing. 
In general social networks are good place for such kind of harassment. If you try to be more attentive and do not accept all the friend requests, you can avoid this kind of unpleasant situations.

However, there is a group of people who are afraid of any requests, so they decline all of them. There is a tendency to unfollow people on Twitter because of various logical and ridiculous why not sometimes even serious reasons.
So in order to avoid this one should know the Twitter psychology which is based on the following tips. They may be of great help on the way to get more Twitter followers and not to be unfollowed.

The first immediate follow fail comes when you lack an image on your profile. People like watching photos, trying to make an impression about that person due to her/his profile picture, so the thing we recommend you is adding a photo on your profile.

The second fact that annoys and disappoints Twitter followers is the absence of bio, certain details about your location, working place, and interests so on so forth. Thus add more information to your profile in order people get interested in you.

The third fact which people notice and give much importance is how many followers you have and how many users follow you. So if the results were the following 15 followers, but you are following 1500 users, and you have few updates, take it 5-6 updates during a month, then hardly anyone will want to follow you.
And the forth fact which is taken into consideration as well is whether your followers are active or non-active ones. This refers to the Twitter followers which you buy from competent services. There is a wide variety of websites which offer you real and unreal, active and non-active Twitter followers.   So you are expected to give the priority to those which offer real ones.

The final fifth fact is the content of tweets. Of course, the 140 character disables you post informative and interesting article with a lot details but you can express sensible and really catchy tweets and thus lead your Twitter followers to retweet it.

So taking into account all these tips you should create a Twitter account which will not frighten people with its different missing details and absence of necessary information.
To conclude I should state that nowadays it is nearly impossible to get business profits or to have success in business sphere without the help of social networks. What refers to Twitter it may really become a great tool to promote your business.

So you have a number of benefits from Twitter for your business, which will help you to get success in business sphere. That is popularity during a very short time, product or service advertising, getting potential customers, the rest I leave to your imagination and creative mind.

Author bio: Julie Williams is an accomplished writer, who has over 3 years’ experience in writing sphere. She has numerous articles published on various blogs. She is keen on choosing the right place to post her articles. If you are interested in her articles, please, visit,,


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