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Things to Consider in Choosing an Internet Provider [ Guest Post ]

Nowadays, it is difficult to not have access to the internet. Many things can be done efficiently and quickly today through the internet and if you are not part of the crowd, you are going to be left behind.  Gone are the days when computers are only used for basic typing and tutorials because through your computer and internet, you can expand your knowledge and connections. Working online is also a huge possibility if you have some expertise such as in writing or transcribing which you would like to make money from.  You can book your travel and vacations online through the internet. There are so many things to do with the help of your internet connection. Now, here are some of our tips in choosing an internet provider. 1.        Go for cheap internet providers that still offer quality when it comes to their service. To find the cheapest providers, compare the prices of the providers in your area and evaluate their company and services to make sure they do offer go

New Photo Editing tools introduced in Photobucket.

Taking snaps whenever we need has became easy with smartphones. Its really good not to miss amazing snaps in our daily routine. We are very lucky to be born in technology era. Many people around the world update more than a million snaps daily to social networks showing where and with whom they are hanging out. Many people copy their pictures to their laptop or computer and edit to make photos look more amazing than they are. They use photo editing tools for editing them. To make easy for customers, many free image storage sites are providing image editing tools. My favourite is photobucket . It has introduced amazing photo editing tool for editing pictures unique. Check this video to see how you can show your creativity. 

Wholesale Jewelry- A Complete Business Plan

Nowadays, the wholesale jewelry is famous among people as it is available at very affordable rates then the jewelry at retail prices. Since, the demand for wholesale jewelry is increasing in the market due to which the business of wholesale jewellers is boosting. Therefore, if you are finding ways of earning money in the least amount of time then establishing a business of selling wholesale jewelry would be great ideas. There are number of reasons why you setup a business of selling wholesale jewelry. The foremost reason is the popularity of wholesale jewelry. Since, expensive jewelry is out of reach for number of people around the world due to which more and more people are tending towards purchasing jewelry at wholesale rates.  In addition, the wholesale jewelry often comes in various enchanting styles that attract people. Moreover, if you get wholesale jewelry in bulk then it would become much easier for you to sell them in market at competitive rates which in the long ru

iRing : Lovely Ring to control Music on your Apple products

Apple has earned more brand value than any other product from past decade. If it a Apple product, customer expects the best quality. Many concept designs around the net are based on Apple devices, Apple accessories etc. This is post is about a concept Apple product accessory. iRing, is a concept design which you can control your iPhone or iTouch using wireless technology.Charging is done with a mini USB cable. Full charge will last for 2 days. Physically it just fits perfectly to your finger. It has a small OLED display with touch screen technology. Once the ring is paired to your Apple device, you can control your music player remotely with just tapping on your ring. Add caption If this concept design becomes real, I will be the first to buy this iRing :). via

Heights of marketing : Human Sound Scooter being used by Dominos Pizza

This is heights of marketing. In Netherlands, Domino's Pizza is planning to introduce a silent electrical scooters for delivering their Pizza. As a part of safety on road, they are planning to add human engine sound to market their Pizza. This reminds me about earlier days market where people used to shout before their shops to attract customers to buy their products.We are coming back to fundamentals. I am sure watching this video will surely make you laugh. Checkout this video

Best iOS 5 features in Phone/iPad/iPodTouch

The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users hardly take advantage of the newly added features to iOS updates. Navigating on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will be a little easier after the latest   iOS 5.0 and 5.1 updates. Some of the best iOS features of my choice are discussed here: Tap and Delete Apps : You can delete multiple apps at a time on your iOS 5 device in the following way: Settings ==> tap usage ==> get a list of your apps and the file sizes ==> Select and tap on the apps to be deleted ==> Delete App button. Keep Apps Folder In Dock : Keeping the apps individually or in a folder and then putting   it in your phone’s Dock will save a lot of screen space. This feature is particularly usefull for iPhone and iPod touch as they have luch less careen space than the iPhone. Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts---the great time saving feature available on the device should not be missed at all. How to assign? Open Settings  =