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Future Mobile Notebook will be Spider Computer

It may be funny now to think that these type devices are going to replace our notebooks and tablets but in future you will be surely amazed with arrival of these type of gadgets. This post is about Spider computer concept.

What exactly is Spider Computer Concept ?
Having legs wide open like spider when it is in work, has fetched this concept its name. Yes look wise, this looks like a spider but with only 3 legs.

How does it function ?
This Spider computer can be used as a mobile phone when its legs are hidden and when you want to transform it to a computer, just stretch it legs. It uses the laser technology for projecting the keyboard like we say in  "Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for your iPhone, PC or iPad" which projects virtual keyboard with full size QWERTY layout and typing on a surface.

It also projects screen on a surface or on  wall which will act like a monitor of your PC.

Whats new about it ?
In current world, key boards are replaced with touch screens. For touch screen you need a Resistive or Capacitive screen to function. But in this design, it just needs a typing surface. Both have their Pros and Cons but still laser keyboard looks cool. What do you say ?

Is it worth buying ?
Ofcourse, if it is available in retail market, many would have bought this smart Mobile Notebook.


Who is working on this Concept ?

Expected date of arrival of this product ?
Not known, but according to news and videos available in youtube, the demo version of project is available but there is still need to be done to make it Mobile Notebook.

MrTechPathi's view on this Concept ?
I feel the design should be altered a bit. Instead of cylindrical body, a smart phone shaped body will make it more hot device to own. In order to replace PC in our home, it should have a powerful processor to process and simulate multiple tasks.

Overall the design is very near to reality and can be surely made possible in near future.

Check out this video for more details


  1. This is a cool gadget to look at, but isn't going to catch on for several reasons.

    It takes up too much space when opened up. Looking at a screen on a table requires looking downward, which is bad posture and bad ergonomics, the source of many neck and back pains.

    Additionally, the processing power of a device so small is incredibly limited, due to its inability to dissipate heat the way a notebook does, with a proper heatsink and fan setup.

    This is just another gimmick to impress people, with no real, practical value whatsoever. Would a business person or a student on the go benefit from this more than a notebook. No! As such, consumers won't see a need to buy it.


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