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Should I Ditch Windows XP for Windows 7

Like the smell of a brand new car the sight of a sleek, shiny, and any new Windows Operating System creates a lot of newsworthy buzz. You may ask yourself this as you look at your computer, “Is it worth it?” The biggest reason you might want to switch to the new Windows 7 is because of your very old and slow computer. If your computer is starting to have hardware problems, and wouldn’t want to be bothered with the hassle of having it repaired you might start looking at new computers in the store. And these days all the new computers in the store are running Windows 7. How about if your computer is running just fine, and you have Windows XP chugging along just fine. Then you shouldn’t worry about upgrading to Windows 7, because in the end you’re paying for the looks. All the programs that you were to purchase in the store will still be compatible with Windows XP to a large degree. Windows XP, although being about 7 years old, has built a reputation for being a very reliable s Fails in the Social Media needs no introduction. The social networking platform claims to have 135 million users across the world. It is well appreciated for the opportunity it offers to professionals to network with people active in various domains. In addition, recruiters see it as a good platform to look for suitable candidates for different job profiles. Despite all the positives, there is something that does not seem to be working for LinkedIn. The platform appears to have stagnated and is in crying need for a change. Else, failure is imminent. Let's delve deep into this to get the real picture. Perceived reasons for failure 1. Lack of emphasis on further innovation Dynamism drives social media. A complete overhaul of features is more a norm than an exception. The same is not the case with LinkedIn. Networking opportunities form the driving force for this medium but innovation is essential to attract a large number of users. 2. Absence of avenues to engage people for long

Future Wrist Watch : Amazing Concept

Designer F.Bertrand has come up with a future watch  concept which is very attractive and simple. Looks wise, you call it future bracelet or future watch or future wrist smart phone, it will be must own device for sure.Let me address this as our future wrist watch. Main concept behind this future writs watch is to provide user a user friend interface with touch screen and apps similar to smart phones. Having a 3G support  and bluetooth support  will make us to use this as a smart phone. With all this great features the this watch also keeps some basic functions of a watch, like keeping you updated with the current time.  The innovative watch concept would keep the application you use most at easy access, and would even change the icons location on the strap according to the position of your wrist. Some of the other features available on this innovative concept are the possibility to track your pulse and even your emotions. If this future watch become real, will you

How to remotely delete you data from missing cellphone !!

Cell phones are gadgets that can be used for communication between two or more people. Due to the increasing demand of people, there are various companies trying their best to create and produce more and more cell phones in the world.  Also as the technology is advancing day on day, wide range of cell phones like that of smart phones are being invented. The most commonly used and the most effective cell phones today are the smart phones. The reason behind this is that by using a smart phone, a person can do about anything like calling, messaging, playing music and many more. But one thing that most smart phones are famous for is due to its storage capacity. Using this feature, a person can keep huge amounts of important and confidential data. Another progression in the mobile technologies is the advanced software called Cellphone Spy. The software can be used to perform multiple activities. It can be used for spying cell phone activities plus daily tasks like that of calendars

Buzzy Bluetooth Webcam

Designer Anoop M has come up with a webcam concept which looks quite pretty. Smart feature about this webcam is it works using bluetooth technology. Currently, this idea is a concept design. Inspired by Robots, the design is well crafted with a camera in front. The ability of the camera to move around after attaching anywhere to your PC is pretty amazing. I still wonder why webcam with bluetooth are not popular. Being wireless will be really comfortable and easy to use. I agree there are many bluetooth webcam's available in market but I don't really think they are meeting the customer expectations. Once everyone believed that bluetooth technology will be our future. But because of bluetooth limitations in data transfer, no one are caring much about it. This buzzy webcam concept looks attractive design wise but not sure about functionality wise because still this is a concept design. Hope this pretty robotic webcam hits markets soon. via

Touch screen Terminal SURFx looks to be future customer care center

Look at these snaps, one can easy feel them to be around when you travel to no man's world. Yes to guide you.These terminal will be our future receptionist or guide in a museum or table in a class room. Providing these type of surfing terminals in train stations , air ports will make life bit easier to fetch information without asking anybody. Hope to see these surfing terminals around in near future. via

Worlds smallest washing machine : Scrub wash bag

Scrub wash Bag is really cool and reduces pollution and saves water. Its not a mechanical washing machine which needs to be spin for hours together to wash your clothes. Its just a small bag which can be carried along with your clothes when you are travelling. Check out this video. Video doesn't seem to be promising but worth giving a try when you are travelling. What do you say ? via  : youtube

Free jump from approximately 71,580 feet and survived ?

You would have heard about free fall from 5000 feet or 15000 feet.I am sure you would have not heard or experienced about 71,581 feet free fall. Yes the man Felix Baumgartner landed successfully on earth after jumping from a specially made Helium capsule.  At a height of 13 miles off the ground, after running through his checklist and depressurising the capsule, he leap into the thin cold air. It took exactly 3 minutes and 43 seconds with a peak speed of 364 mph. Its almost crazy feat isn't ? He pulled out his parachute at 7,890feet and landed almost 30 miles from Roswell, New Mexico. Checkout this video clip to know more. Don't expect the free fall video because its kept in suspense until the 120000 foot leap.

Future Mobile Notebook will be Spider Computer

It may be funny now to think that these type devices are going to replace our notebooks and tablets but in future you will be surely amazed with arrival of these type of gadgets. This post is about Spider computer concept. What exactly is Spider Computer Concept ? Having legs wide open like spider when it is in work, has fetched this concept its name. Yes look wise, this looks like a spider but with only 3 legs. How does it function ? This Spider computer can be used as a mobile phone when its legs are hidden and when you want to transform it to a computer, just stretch it legs. It uses the laser technology for projecting the keyboard like we say in  " Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for your iPhone, PC or iPad " which projects virtual keyboard with full size QWERTY layout and typing on a surface. It also projects screen on a surface or on  wall which will act like a monitor of your PC. Whats new about it ? In current world, key boards are replaced with touch scre

Cameron Dive First Attempt in Over 50 Years

Director who is famous for his well known block buster films James Cameron is soon planning to dive in a specially designed submarine to the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. He is planning to explore under sea life at a depth of 8.2km. Its really a great stunt you can say. This is for those who are ready to risk heavy risk. The pilot of this submarine will be bolted inside the submarine made up of think steel to with stand the heavy pressure under the water. It make take around 2 hours to reach the bottom. The submarine is equipped with mechanical arm to collect few species.  The creatures underneath will not be having bones because its difficult to creatures with bones to survive under high pressure. This dive is very special for explorers because, no human has attempted such a dive since 1960.Fore more details check out this video. source : youtube

iPad 2 or iPad 3 ? Very early to decide

Today Apple has announced its new iPad. Also the company has announced about dropping iPad 2 price to $399. We have been watching news about Apple share prices and profits. They are more in profits than what they expected. That may be the reason they slashed the prices of iPad 2. Now the question to people like me who are thinking to buy iPad 2 by paying $399, when iPad 3 is available with new features, why to choose iPad 2 ? Is iPad 2 better than iPad 3 ? What are cons and pros in iPad 3 ? It may be very early to discuss about these questions in todays post. Just in brief, Apple will offer the iPad 2 in two configurations, a 16GB Wi-Fi only model sells for $399. A 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G model (available on either AT&T or Verizon) sells for $529. The iPad 2 will continue to be available in either black or white. Coming to new iPad 3 has 2048 x 1536-pixel 9.7 inch Retina HD display.It runs on an upgraded A5X dual-core processor that features quad-core graphics for a vas

Red Alert : Upgrade and get rescued from Virus attack on Android Operating system

The number of malicious applications for the Android operating system has increased compared to 2010, by 472%. This is the reality that transpires from a study published by the security company, Juniper Networks, which also indicates a particularly strong rebound this November, an increase of 110% compared to October. Moreover, Spain is the seventh country in terms of number of terminals affected by viruses and malicious code. Has the time arrived when mobile phone users should start worrying about the safety of data? "The first thing people should understand that your smartphone is more like a computer. By making a comparison, is much closer to the computer they have at home or office that were used 4 or 5 years ago, "said Confidential Vicente Diaz, senior analyst at Kaspersky Lab malware. Indeed, in 2011 we don’t use the phone as in 2004, the year that the first known cases of virus for came these platforms. The utilities of smart phones are infinitely greater tha