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Nest Thermostat: Worth buying to save energy and money

Many people remember  Steve Jobs when we speak about iPod. They forget about Tony Fadell who created iPod for Apple. Tony Fadell an ex-employee of Apple has introduced a new product named Nest.

Nest is a learning Thermostat that always learns about the user daily habits and adjusts itself to keep house comfortable and efficient. Thermostats which we use are no way comparable with Nest in terms of design and look. It looks amazing and beautiful.

Its easy to install and it need basic rotary input. Its saves energy and money based on intelligent calculations. Suppose if parents are at work and children are at school it simply switches off cooler and heaters. It automatically starts heater before parents and children arrive home. It also keeps climate control in a high efficient mode while its users are asleep.

You can even control this device with your iPhone using an App available from App store.

Do you imaging how much Nest can save a typical American household on its energy bill ? A moderate customer of electricity should see around $500 in energy savings within 2 years.

It is worth investing in such a device to save power and control waste of energy. Nest follows the go green principle. There is an symbolic indicator of green leaf while adjusting the rotor. Check this video for yourself.

Cost : $249 buy it here from nest store 

What do you think about this product ?

Source : nest


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