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iCam for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 : Concept Design from ADR Studios

Italy's ADR Studio has conceptualized a simple Camera case for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. It is named as iCam. This iCam is designed with a flexible case to fit along with your iPhone and capture shots which are almost equal to the one shot by DSLR. With aluminum case and detachable lens, this product is an hybrid version of camera and iPhone. It provides access to an interchangeable lens system and also with front facing display for self-portrait shots and built-in pico projector to show off your slidshows.      Front touch screen can be used for self-portraits, and to access the onboard micro-app. It even adds hardware controls and a preset wheel like you will find on most digital cameras. Quality and built wise this is designed as per company standards and you will surely feel that its an Apple product meeting all your expectations. With powerful camera in iPhone and additional iCam attached, you can say bye to your DSLR when you are travelling. This makes yo

Luxurious Maldives Resort Amazing Pictures

Are you fed up with your routine life and would like to take a break ?  Check these pictures. This luxury resort name is Shangri-La's Villingili Resort and Spa. Its premiere Maldives resort located on a tiny island of Addu Atoll. It offers luxurious accomodation including private ocean retreats and tropical tree house villas. You can also try innovative spa treatments. This resort offers 24 hour room serivce and a variety of dining choices. These snaps looks amazing and quite tempting isn't ? Source : blessthisstuff

Scooter + Bike = Scoobike

Gone those days people using scooters and few really use bicycles. All are upgrading to cars for safety and comfort in developed countries. There many undeveloped countries which really has poor infrastructure.  Keeping them in mind, designer Ardhyaska Amy has created a concept called Scoobike. Its a combination of scooter and bicycle. It is designed to provide a convenient transportation in urban congested areas.  Handles are designed as per the size of scoobike you choose. LED light bulbs which provide extra security are operated by foot pedals and the seat is height adjustable. Amy do you really think that people in urban areas can choose this Scoobike for their transportation ?  Can this withstand the roads in urban areas ?  Source : alltechnoblog

Compact Oxygen Generator : O2 Box

If you like travelling or trekking, then this post is for you. People climing Mount everest, Mount Fuji or any high altitude places will be carrying a oxygen cylinder to overcome headache and nausea. As you climb up the oxygen content in air will become less and will lead to many problems.  Oxygen cylinders which usually people carry will be of small in size and have less capacity. They may not last longer.To over come this O2 Box was introduced.  As an alternative to oxygen cylinder, adding some technology to increase the durability and efficiency, designer La Seconde dApres has come up with a system based on the fusion of sodium cholorate that generates oxygen by utilizing a thin replaceable cartridge combined with an induction processing to trigger chemical reaction through heating.  This induction process offers a maximized contact zone for the thermal reaction,thus making it extremely reactive oxygen-centred. If you feel these details are

Disney Remote controlled iPhone Dock : Inspired by Tron Legacy Movie

When it comes to iPhone docks, there are many qualities available in market. To choose the best one, it is very difficult. If you choose the best, it will be quite expensive because nothing comes for cheap. Inspired by Disney's epic movie, Tron: Legacy, Disney in collaboration with Monster cable has come up with a Artistic colorful dock station. Monster cable is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance cables for audio/video components. If you have seen Tron:Legacy movie, then you will be familiar with this disk shape with a glowing ring around it. You can even find Tron logo printed on the dock. This dock station features futuristic style and high definition sound. A special Tron app for iPhone/iPod is developed to control the soothing soft blue color light ring. Apps makes you light ring follow the rhythm of your favourite music. Look wise this is pretty amazing and you can feel the real quality of materials used. Coming to sound, it

Radio Controlled Life Buoy : Amazing concept

Sometimes it will be amazing when we think about a small invention which saved/saves many life's. One among them is life buoy. Have your ever got rescued by life buoy ? Adding technology to this life buoy will be amazing thing. Yes designers Peng Shanzhong, Li Weilin & Ju Xinxin came up with a Radio Controlled Life Buoy. Chekout pictures to know more about them. Source : YD

Add HDMI Out,Analog Tv Out, Mini USB Port and USB OTG Port to you iPad or iPhone using JTT's IPHDAVAD

Do you have iPad or iPhone and would like to watch connect add    support for a HDMI Out, analog TV out, mini USB Port and USB OTG port ? Then you should read this post. JTT has introduced a new adapter named IPHDAVAD which enables you to add extra ports to your iPad or iPhone using the devices 30 pin docking port.  Just fit this adaptor to your 30 pin iPad or iPod and enjoy the support  for a HDMI Out, analog TV out, mini USB Port and USB OTG port. The USB OTG port will allows you if required to connect external USB storage, keyboard or even an additional memory card reader.  The new HDMI and USB adapter for iPhone and iPad is now available to purchase in Japan for 4,980 Yen or around $63. Source : akihabaranews

Use iPhone 4S to Start and Stop your Vehicle

As days goes by people will get used to command their electronic devices with their voice. I remember the movie "Minority Report" in which Tom Cruise enters his house and just issues command for everything. Its really amazing concept. Which I thought its impossible to command anything with voice, now  looks possible to command vehicles or any electronic items with  voice. Take example of  programmer Brandon Fiquett . He used newly release Apple product iPhone 4S (Siri) to start his car. He also give a demo in coming video and explains how his personally developed application led to this invention. Looks he in his way for developing his iPhone App with various commands. We wish all the best to him. For more details visit Fiquette

Make your camera follow your action : Swivl Stand

There will be occasions where you are left alone and would like to capture some video or you may be willing to  capture a video without anyone absence. It may be hard to capture video or photos without second party. But with Swivl Stand filming yourself or themselves will be very easy. It is designed to hold an iPhone, iPod Touch , any Android phone or Flip camera. The moment you fix the camera device and start recording, it captures your movies by using an advanced Multi-Axis Motion mechanism. This makes your to share your ideas,share you game , share live video on webcam while cooking in kitchen and many more. This Swivl Stand is a concept design undergoing strees testing which will be soon available in market. Advantage with this stand is there is no setup required and tripod compatible. It is available now for pre-order,with a price tag of $160. If you want to make your camera to follow your action, then this is the must buy gadget. Buy it here

Red Dot Award Winning Designs of 2011 : Congrats to Winners

Wondering which designs bagged the Best of Best of Best honors in red dot award  design concept 2011 ? Then here they are for you. These are 20 Best of Best picked by YD . For more details please visit : YD