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Cool Inventions in this amazing world

Cool Inventions which were collected from ej . Feel free to drop your comments. Source :  ej

Transparent TV from Haier

Phones may become transparent in near future. Why cant TV's ? Yes Haier has introduced 22-inch transparent organic TV only for advertising purpose. Its a slim display with a metal bezel that has clear OLED at its center with a 1680x1050 resolution. Looking at transparency, don't ever doubt about the sharpness of the picture, they are pretty sharp on the screen.This is not a concept design, its a real product. This TV is still in its early demo stages, so pricing is not disclosed. Source : engadget

Toshiba Flash Air Wireless 8GB Memory Cards will be available soon

Toshiba has announced the worlds first SDHC memory card with embedded wireless LAN functionality. This product is named as "FlashAir" . It has 8GB capacity and supports both peer-to-peer transfers and uploads to and downloads from servers. FlashAir's embedded wireless communication function allows users to upload and download photographs to and from a server and to exchange photographs and other data with other devices, including digital cameras that are FlashAir compliant and, smartphones and PCs that support wireless LAN. All transfers are done wirelessly, without any need for a cable connection. Key features of the new card include the ability to receive as well as transmit and lower power consumption than other cards with similar functions. Even in digital cameras not compliant with FlashAir, the new card can share digital images with smartphones and PCs that support wireless LAN.

Toshiba PORTEGE Z830 Slimmest and Lightest ULTRABOOK

Toshiba has introduced lightest Ultrabook Portege Z830 to market. This is one of the lightest 13 inch Ultrabook in digital world. Its 0.63 inches thick and weighs 2.45 pounds (1.1kg). Its made up of sleek aluminium and magnesium alloy which make it more light weighted and durable. Few Specification and features : Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3,i5 and i7 series processors Integrated Graphics Multiple SSD capabilities Light Weighted VGA Ethernet HDMI Two USB 2.0 ports one USB 3.0 port SD card reader slot 3.5mm headphone jack 8 Cell (47Wh) battery which last upto 8 hours. Large Backlit keyboard with a chicklet design Front In-built Webcam Cost : Basic model will be less than $1000 Source : alltechnoblog

Slice PC an amazing concept design

According to tuvie ,Slice PC Concept is trying to answer the need of efficient and visually files storage on your computer. This PC Concept is trying to help you with the trouble of finding the files that are buried deep within folders, and you are no longer know how to indicate and locate the files when you need it. Slice PC Concept helps you physically interacting with the information, users can organize and place files accordingly. Each of the slices visually represent different folders seen in current operating software such as My Documents, My Music, My Videos, etc. The visual and haptic experience associated with slice emotionally connects the users to their information stored on the computer reassuring the safety and placement of their files. Source : tuvie

Wind Cube reduces monthly electricity usage of a household

Liao-Hsun Chen designed Wind Cube concept keeping Urban city lifestyle in mind. Global warming is a big issue in this 21st century. More pollution is growing in Urban city lifestyle. Wind cube can be used by the families for the purpose of saving energy and reducing carbon foot print. According to tuvie, the average electricity usage of a household with four members is 324 kilowatt-hours per month. The “Wind Cube” is a 100-watt wind power generator. Each one can generate about 21.6 kilowatt-hours per month. Therefore, one “Wind Cube” can provide 1/15 of the electricity needed by a household per month. With more “Wind Cubes”, households can save more money spent on electricity and show more concern for our earth at the same time! Wind Cube modularized wind power system features: Simple 3 steps for users to build this 3D wind power system on their own.  It’s very easy to use and it helps to reduce carbon footprint. During bad weather or strong wind, Wind Cube can re

Walcom inking transforms sketches into Digital format

Wacom has come up with an innovative idea of transforming your sketches or drawings into electronic,vector graphic format. With inking, there is no need about artwork. Inking is a digital pen. It allows you to sketch with a real ballpoint pen on any paper. While you are drawing, all strokes are recorded electronically which can then be imported as raster or vector artwork in to your preferred graphics applications for further editing.This is modern way of performing artwork in digital format. It can record layers with just a button click. After transforming into electronic, inking give you flexiblity of modifying your sketches to achieve perfectness Key features: Enhance your professional workflow by capturing digital data while sketching with a ball-pen on normal paper The ink sketch can be structured in layers while drawing – no need to recreate layers in software 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity for natural pen strokes Store hundreds of high resolution sketches o

2D to 3D Capability Monitors from LG Electornics

The D23IPS utilizes Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) 3D technology and IPS panel to provide a smooth 3D experience with higher grade image quality. Features: 2D to 3D conversion capability Native resolution 1920x1080 pixels Dynamic contrast ration of 5,000,000:1 D-Sub DVI inputs Max brightness of 250 cd/m2 in 2D mode 100 cd/m2 in 3D mode Stand allowing for panel protection. Source : Lgnewsroom

Ultra Slim Monitor E91 from LG Electronics

LG Electronics (LG) will be launching its high-end monitor E91at IFA 2011 in Berlin,Germany. E91 is an ultra slim monitor with 7.2mm depth and measuring 4.35mm which provides border less appearance. Its hinge design makes it easy for users to adjust the monitor to their preferred viewing angle. E91 features : Resolution of 1920x1080 pixels 2msec response time Dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 Brightness of 250 cd/m2 170/160 viewing angles Source : Lgnewsroom

Samsung outs new Blu-ray and media hub drives

Engadget says ”First off, there’s the USB-powered SE-506AB Blu-ray writer depicted above, which will give that awful Pacific boxset one last chance on your ODD-neutered Mac or netbook. But that’s not nearly as interesting as the SE-208BW CD/DVD writer, which doubles as a WiFi media hub to stream music and movies to your smartphone, tablet or PC. It works the other way round too: letting you backup content from your mobile device direct to a disc. It even supports Dynamic DNS and can cooperate with a flash drive or HDD to become a “personal cloud server.” Still not impressed? This wonder drive additionally functions as a WiFi extender, or it can create an access point from scratch when cabled up to your network. Man, that’s ODD OD. The media hub will arrive at the beginning of 2012, while the new Blu-ray drive should be out any time now”. Source :  Engadget  

New Mac Audio docks from XtremeMac

XtremeMac has launched four speaker systems tailored chiefly to iOS and Mac owners. Soma Stand The Soma Stand is rare in having a tent-like design which unfolds to reveal its dock and uses the two speakers as legs. It can fit everything up to iPads and lasts for as much as six hours on removable batteries. Soma Travel The Soma Travel is powered from the iOS device rather than a wall outlet or a battery. Its dock retracts to save space. Luna Voyager II The Luna Voyager II, replaces the core clock radio. The dock is low and exposed to support an iPad, and it teams up with a Luna Voyager iOS app to more easily set the two alarms, tune the FM radio, and choose presets. Tango Bar The Tango Bar plugs into any Mac or Windows PC but is deliberately shaped to tuck under the chin of a modern iMac, Cinema Display, or Thunderbolt Display. It outputs just 10W of power but has six speakers that include two each of tweeters, mid-range drivers, and passive bass radiators.