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Sony Vaio Colorful amazing Bluetooth Headset

Yankodesign says ”It’s about time the Bluetooth headset shed the nerd-factor! This design by Erjon Hatillari was inspired by the simplicity of the Sony Vaio’s On/Off button and is almost as small. Using the same unique color scheme as the Vaio, the rechargeable earpiece’s chrome detail glows green during a call and orange when charging. In the form of a single earbud with one large button control, this design combines easy-to-use functionality with basic ergonomics into one sharp looking earpiece”. Feel free to post your comments below Source : yankodesign

Sony Head Mounted Display with 3D video support will be launched in November

Sony has announced to launch its latest Sony's Head mounted display HMZ-T1 in November. It features 1280x720 organic EL panes and with 3D video support equivalent of 750" inch display with a newly developed optical lens and stunning screen resolution. The HMZ-T1 also comes with virtual 5.1 inch audio headphones. Stunning screen resolution will give great sensation and experience of enjoy 3D movies with theatre effect. According to Sony, this product is strictly not recommended to children below fifteen years old. Source : engadget

Scented Aroma USB keys available in market

Conventional USB Flash Drives are perfect for easily storing data, music, pictures and videos. Maxell major producer of USB storage sticks has added aroma to USB and named it USB Aroma key. Aroma keys are available in 6 different colors and scents: Apple, Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon, Orange and Mint. Wondering how they spread Aroma ? USB Aroma key is just like a regular flash drives coated in scent laden plastic. For protection its encased in rubber with shock resistant and splash proof material.Features LED indicator and password protected software included.To be noted, these are not suitable for children under 5yrs. Available Capacities: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8G For additional information visit :  maxell Source :   maxell Feel free to post your comments below.

Evolution of Mobile phones with Russian dolls

Over past two decades, technology evolved from wire phone to mobile. This post is for those who wonder how mobile phone evolved from bulky handy phone to compact mobile which can fit in your hand. This demo is made with Russian dolls. As days goes by, it may still become very compact. Feel free to post your comments below. Source : kylebean

Detect Natural disasters before using your iPhone or iTouch with RDTX

Few months back Tsunami in Japan  and now hurricane in US. No body can save humankind from natural disasters. What if we are alarmed before any natural disaster like earthquake,hurricane,tsunami,nuclear radiation levels etc. It will be great isn't ? Scosche has come up with RDTX pro a iPhone accessory, which will be soon available in market. The RDTX pro attaches to iPhone or iPod Touch and turns into a radiation detector. Using iPod screen as display via a free app it provides details about natural disasters to user. RDTX doesn't need any calibration because its designed to ensure consistency accurate gamma radiation detection. Without using iPhone or iTouch it can alarm user about any natural disasters. It has individual battery which can feed power upto 96 hours. Using iPhone free app, you can publish results on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. This device will be available soon with a price tag of $329 with $10 going towards Japanese Earthquake rel

Transparent Bread Toaster to put a smile on your bread every morning

Make a different in your day with a smile on you toast while cooking. According to yankodesign , Think hair straightening iron for a moment, similar to that clasp design is this appliance. Difference lies in the electric-heating nano-membrane and different smiley faces you can use to singe on the bread. The transparent style really adds to the elegance and the timer display (with heating controls) makes sure you don’t ever burn your toasts! Smile your morning blues away. Designer: Xu Yan Xiang Source : Yanokodesign

Future Transparent Phone

Till now we have seen future iPhone transparent phone concepts. But this is quite different. Famous luxury gadget designers Aston Martin and Mobiado has come up with this official concept phone. Its a transparent phone running Android OS. Its actually made up of sapphire glass surface with titanium edges. Few say its impossible to make it transparent. But I don't think its true.Few decades back, no one knew that one day they will play with smart phones in their daily life. This will be the same.  This  device will be shown at Basel World in Switzerland, so feel free to drop by, if interested. Source : t-future

HTC Sense UI update to version 3.5 leaked in a demo video

According to slashgear "HTC’s upcoming Sense UI update to version 3.5 has been leaked in a demo video made available by The five-minute long video shows the HTC Sense 3.5 running on what appears to be the female-focused HTC Bliss. The interface looks more simplified from the current version with new transitions and lock screens". What’s noticeably gone is the three-button Sense launcher bar that normally sits at the bottom of the screen. In its place there is instead two separate dedicated buttons for an app drawer and phone. There appears to be a new method for adding and removing home screens while the widgets also look to have been tweaked. Checkout this video Source : Slashgear

Samsung Galaxy S II special offer Hurry Up !!

According to Mobot Samsung Galaxy S II deal has been kicking around for a while (£99.99 + 12x£30 = £459.99), but if you use the code FREECAR you can currently grab a vent mounted phone holder for your automobile for now. For your monthly Talkmobile allowance you get 400 minutes, 1,000 texts and 1GB of data. The Samsung Galaxy S II has a 4.3in display, 8MP camera and a 1.2GHz dual-core processor Source : mobot

Raspberri Pi amazing Small PC for only $25

Raspberry Pi is an amazing Small PC. Yes, it can easily fit in your hand. Compared to conventional PC, it has very less specifications.Since this PC is under development, there will be chance for adding advanced specifications in near future. In order to make it more economical, they are developing this PC with Linux Operating system. It will be available with a price tag of $25. Below bare boards will be the heart of Raspberri Pi PC. Specifications:  700MHz ARM11 128MB or 256MB of SDRAM OpenGL ES 2.0 1080p30 H.264 high-profile decode Composite and HDMI video output USB 2.0 SD/MMC/SDIO memory card slot General-purpose I/O Optional integrated 2-port USB hub and 10/100 Ethernet controller Open software (Ubuntu, Iceweasel, KOffice, Python) In orde to show its efficiency, devlopers gave a demo by playing Quake III game on it. Check out this video Source : raspberrypi

Fujistu Transparent Tablet PC

We are very lucky to be in this era of advanced technology. This era of Tablet PC is upon us and have your ever thought of future ? How it will be and what features and  functions will be provided along with it ? Takes look into this concept design of Iris Tablet PC. Its designed resembles a piece of transparent glass made with OLED display having Touchpad functionality. With its  wireless charging technology, it can scan documents, translates texts and can work as an efficient navigator.   The coolest apps is how you can use it for planning interior designing using AR and split the screen up for shared use. Will the be the concept Tablet you are looking forward ? Let us know your opinion in comments section. Checkout this video Designers: Liu-Wei, Yao Kai-Chi, Hong Ruei-Hong & Cheng Ya-Fang

Keep away intruder cats with SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door identifies cats using their unique identification microchip, unlocking only for your pet and preventing strays and neighborhood cats from entering your home. This door is available with hefty price $149.99. If intruder kitties are worrying you then make this yours. Source :   sureflap

Whistle Mask which filters polluted air and electrical whistle

Jurmol Yao has come up with a new concept  Whistle Mask  design specifically for traffic police officers. With increasing vehicles on roads traffic police breath too much polluted air while directing traffic. In long term they really face respiratory problems. Also,they often feel uncomfortable to remove their masks to blow whistle to direct traffic. Whistle Mask not only filter the polluted air, the electrical whistle also helps to solve the issue that the traffic police are unable to use the whistle when wearing a mask. Source : tuvie

Son of a Gun Watch

Many high-end collectors are also gun lovers, delighting in the craftsmanship and attention to detail of a high-end firearm. To celebrate this slightly strange marriage between Swiss high watchmaking and firearms, Yvan Arpa for  Artya introduces the Son of a Gun Watch. A collector has ordered this exceptional timepiece from Yvan Arpa, creator and consultant in high watchmaking for his brand  Artya . To debut the collection Artya has imagined a watch containing real bullets. With a bezel and inner dial like a target sight, the piece showcases six 6mm Flobert bullets suspended in the dial almost like the barrel of a revolver. Use of copper wire like dynamite wire and the iconic 47mm wide steel case display Artya brand DNA. Bite the Bullet: Guns don’t always kill people, time always does. Source : Artya

Sea Shell Shaped Opera Building placed at end of Sea

Portugal based architecture design office OODA dedicated to create and design innovative project has come up with a creative shell shaped opera building. This building designed to compete with Busan Opera House in Busan, South Korea. Building looks like a seashell and is placed on the edge of the sea. It contains areas for huge range of cultural activities including operas,theatre,sporting and musical events. There seems to be no compromise in space, seating arrangements with rotating platforms, stage locations multipurpose theatre, conventional hall, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants. It’s designed to accommodate various needs of different concerts and visitors.