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Marvel TBT-10C Mercury Pad Tablet may hit market soon

Marvel  is about to launch its new Android Tablet called Marvel TBT-10C Mercury Pad Tablet. This tablet  has quite good features and specifications when compared to other tablets in market. Specifications and Features: 7-inch TFT capabilities Multi Touch Screen display 800x400 pixel resolution 1GHz ARM cortex A8 Processor Google Android  2.3 (Ginger Bread) OS DDR2 512MB RAM Various internal storage options including 4GB/8GB or 16GB Expandable memory upto 32GB 2M pixel rear camera 0.3M pixel front camera 1080p HD video Output to HDTVs Wifif 802.11 b/g External USB 3G Module for 3G connectivity Built-in Stereo speaker 3.5mm audio jack and microphone 360 degrees G-Sensor 3G Support USB 2.0 ports 2250 mAh battery Weight : 510gms Price: $259 From above specifications and features, with available 7 inch tablets in market, Marvel TBT-10c Mercury Pad tablet competes well.  Look wise it resembles iPhone 4. There are various additional features like USB 2.0 support,1080

iPhone 5 about to hit market by mid september 2011

Many rumors on Apple fifth generation iPhone which may get released by mid September 2011. Apple’s major US carrier partner AT&T is getting prepared for this release.The fifth generation iPhone may offer a somewhat longer and wider form factor than iPhone 4. We are not sure this decision was based on Samsung galaxy. There are rumors that iPhone 5 may come with separate speaker,main microphone and USB doc connector. Apart from these rumors there are many images which are getting circulated daily about iPhone 5 look. Few collected iPhone 5 pictures for you.  We need to wait and see till mid September to glance at new iPhone 5.

Amazon tablet to hit market within end of this Fiscal year

Online super store Amazon is targetting October 2011 or by end of this fiscal year to release its three tablets of different sizes. Till the specifications of these tablets not clear.Heard Amazon is importing 2-finger touch screen display solution for its devices. These devices will be totally based on Android Honeycomb 3.0 OS.Amazon is expecting to sell 4 million units months after the tablet's launch.  ASUS , HP , Dell Steak 10 pro  and few other tablets are newly introduced to digital market, we need to wait and see how amazon manages to attract customers. Source of this post : thetechjournal If you like this post you may also like HTC Puccini first 10.1 inch HTC tablet HP TouchPad will it be a real competitor to Apple and Samsung ? New Sony tablets S1 and S2 Unique Folding tablets Asus Eee Pad slider : Amazing Tablet with advanced features Dell steak 10 pro

BMW i8 Concept : Less fuel consumption, more pleasure in driving

German popular automobile company BMW has introduced a new sports car BMW i8 concept based on BMW vision efficient dynamics design. This design reduces the consumption of fuel and increases the pleasure in driving. It has stunning looks with advanced safety features.   BMW i8 Concept car  BMW i8 concept has tiny petrol motor with a capacity of 1.5 litre and two electric motors and compact  battery pack which uses liquid cooled lithium ion cells which can be recharged  in 105 minutes. It gives 44.21 kilometers in a litre of petrol  fuel. This car does 0-1000kph in 4.5 sec and a top speed of 250kph.. BMW are concentrating more on petrol hybrid plans rather than diesel. Those who are looking for great looks , less fuel consumption, more driving pleasure and not but not the least heavy budget for car can choose BMW i8 Concept car.   BMW i8 Concept interior  Source of this post : Gadgettrance If you like this post you may also like Zoom in outside world thr

Dell Steak 10 Pro : Not so amazing with current available information

One more new tablet joined the tablet parade of this year.Dell being a US based company has launched Dell Steak 10 Pro this week in China. Dell was a salient spectator during many companies like ASUS , HP released their tablets into market. Apart from 2GB cloud storage, there is nothing new in specifications and features of this product with current available information. We are not sure how Dell is going to compete with popular tablets in this market. Specification and Features:  1GHz Tegra Processor, Android Honeycom OS, 10 inch Touch Screen, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 1280x800 LCD Gorilla glass for scratch resistant 2 MP front camera 5MP rear camera SDHC expansion 16GB internal storage space Wifi 2GB cloud storage Cost : 2,999 yens($465) If you like this post, you may also like HTC Puccini first 10.1 inch HTC tablet HP TouchPad will it be a real competitor to Apple and Samsung ? New Sony tablets S1 and S2 Unique Folding tablets Asus Eee Pad slider : Amazing Tablet wit

Asus Eee Pad slider : Amazing Tablet with advanced features

Asus has finally launched its long awaited Asus Eee pad slider in South Africa . Also it has been spotted in a Portugal in Carphone Warehouse outside UK. Which means it will be launched soon in Europe. This tablet  was planned to release in Q1 of 2011 . But, Asus delayed the release to rectify few technical problems with the hardware. Though it’s delayed,  Asus  has come up with a unique sliding mechanism which doesn’t exist in current tablet market. There are many tablets which provide keyboard dock for attaching and detaching keyboard when required, but there are no tablets providing sliding keyboard feature except this tablet. Apart from sliding feature, USB port facility is available in Asus Eee Pad slider. In current market, apart from this product, Thrive is the only tablet which provides USB port facility. USB port feature enables to use mouse through Bluetooth and also enabling user to use thirdparty peripherals. Overall Asus Eee Pad slider looks amazing and its almost like

Motorola ATRIX 4G : It's like a PC in your pocket.

Motorola is back again with new powerful smart phone Motorola ATRIX 4G.Motorola claim this mobile as the world's most powerful smart phone. Its is like a PC in your pocket. This is the first smart phone with Finger print recognition technology for extra security. This technology allows only you to access your phone. Motorola claim this is faster,enhanced security that beats passwords or PIN Locks. A unique feature in this smart phone is the super crisp and rich 24 bit color. Its world first qHD smart phone. HD output is an extraordinary feature. Using HD output, you can view HD content on ATRIX 4G on a HD TV. Specifications of Motorola ATRIX 4G: Network: 4G OS: Android 2.2 OS Processor: Dual-core 1 Ghz Tegra processor Display: 4-inch HD touchscreen 960 x 540 pixels screen resolution 1GB RAM Internal memory: 16GB up to 48GB External memory support 5MP Primary camera VGA Secondary camera for video calls HD Video playback/Recording Battery: Standard Dual core techn

Samsung Galaxy Flexi Skin : Super Slim Concept Phone

Samsung Galaxy Flexi Skin concept phone is designed by Heyon You. Samsung is the one competitor for Apple in smart phones  market. Samsung phones provide all features compared with Apple at less cost and quality. Samsung is evolving very fast and grabbing smart phone market with its innovative ideas.One of innovative ideas is Samsung Galaxy Flexi Skin. Specifications: 1GHz application processor Android Flexi OS WVGA super AMOLED flexible display 720p HD video Projector included, 8 MP camer Bluetooth Wifi, USB 2.0 32 GB Memory Source of this post If you like this post you like this post too Flip Phone : with three AMOLED screens Wrist PC: Wrist watch with personal computer embedded MAP Projector : Maptor will help you to reach your destination