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Perect feast for eye balls : Triumph speed twin motorcycle

ROD and TOD design has recently published about Triumph speed twin motorcycle. Northumbria University students Roy Norton and Thomas has designed and created this motorcycle.  Looks wise its a feat to your eye balls. Its a complete package for young generation who seek classic style and speed. This bike is stripped back, lowered and lengthened with good grip wheels. Overall perfect super bike with awesome classic look.

Do you really care about Senior Citizens Happiness ? TEPCOS Cares

As we are advancing in technology, we are making alone our self with our busy schedules. We do interact with people but only on social networks and mobile phones.How about people who are not aware of how to use advanced gadgets or Laptops ? How about senior citizen who are reluctant to learn about operating new technology devices ? Those are the people who really feel the pain of loneliness. Are there any gadgets which are simple and easy for entertaining them and connecting them to their family ? To address this issue, TEPOS (Tangible Entertainment Project System)  was submitted by Siqi Liu at Tuvie . TEPCOS is an entertainment device  which connects the real world with digital world. It features and specifications include Quick instant On button , wireless charging capability, stackable controllers for interacting with TEPCOS, expandable memory capacity, Tangible controllers,power led, stereo speakers,Head phone port,AV Input port, TEPCOS is designed basically an alt

Mouse for 3D High Tech applications from 3D connexion

We all know about conventional mouse which we use in our daily life to work on PC or a laptop. Have you ever thought about mouse used by people working on 3D high tech applications ? Do they use conventional mouse to work  ? I am sure it's a big NO. They normally use a different mouse while working on 3D high tech applications. 3D connexion has recently released 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro for high tech application control for professional 3D software users. 3Dconnexion has patented 6-degrees of freedom sensor which provides precise navigation with on-screen display to deliver optimum experience for its users.This device can be used in variety industries from product design, architecture,media and entertainment. This product is designed and developed to meet all needs of 3D users starting from novice to advanced users. Overall this gadget will be a must own product for 3D professional users. This amazing product is available at

84 inch LED from LG to hit Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Earlier, we posted about 55 inch OLED from LG will be presented at CES 2011 . Looks LG has not felt fulfilled with it. In addition to this 55 inch OLED, LG is planning to introduce 84-inch "ultra definition"  OLED  (3840x2160)TV at Las Vegas.With this news, I am sure LG competitors will be upgrading their product requirement specifications. Being ultra definition product, it has build-in SmartTV ,3D support,upgraded magic remote and voice control. All features and price of this product are unknown at this moment and will be revealed soon by LG. LG had plan for 4K resolution TV panel display at CES( Consumer Electronics Show) , but unfortunately they couldn't make it and decided to go with 55-inch and 84-inch OLED TV's. Looks TV manufacturing companies are going crazy about its inventions.As days are passing by, width of TV's are getting thinner and length is becoming wider.I am sure 84-inch is not end of t

Modai bonds friendship between you and your smartphone

Many of us are hardly use a mobile or gadget  for a year or two. Once we are done, we don't have emotions, we just sell it on ebay or preloved websites. In order to increase the attachment between mobile phones (gadgets) and humans, Modai project was introduced. Modai project is designed to make devices as friends more than a tool. Its designed to last physically and emotionally with humans. Check out about Modai project from the pictures. Don't miss "A day with Modai" cartoon below. Source : yankodesign

China super fast train has capacity to travel 500 Kilometers (310 Miles per hour) per hour

China has recently revealed pictures of its high speed test train which has capability to travels 310 miles (500 kilo meters) per hour.  This is the fastest train in the world. The design of this train resembles shape of ancient Chinese sword. Train consists of six cars reinforced with carbon fiber. With maximum tractive power of 22,800 kilowatts, this train will travel with high speed. “It will provide useful reference for current high-speed railway operations,” said Shen Zhiyun, a train expert. China is well aware that few derails were because of low quality of materials used to build the track.So, China is ready to spend 1 Trillion USD on high speed rail for better future. Source : thetechjournal